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We are Ben and Sarah Canney, a fun loving couple, located in rural New Brunswick. We love spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and even milling around the grocery store! We began as friends in the 9th grade, began dating in 11th grade, and were married after we both graduated from Kingswood University.  Since then we have been married for thirteen years and have loved every moment of it!  Ben is an ordained minister who currently works as a Camp Director, and Sarah has her MEd and teaches school.

After 2 years of marital adventures with just the 2 of us, we decided it was time for our 2 to become more…however, God had other things in mind.  We always knew we would adopt at least one child, and we figured we would do so after we had biological children, not as a second option, but according to our timeline and plans.  We soon learned that our timing and God’s timing were completely different.  We were in for a wild ride of emotional ups and downs, unexpected turns, and challenges that brought us from “Why God?” to “What do you want us to learn?”  Our openness has brought us healing as we have learned to accept God’s plan for us. After a failed international adoption, we were blessed to privately adopt our son six years ago. Two years later, we experienced a failed private adoption, and after grieving and healing, we figured our boy would be an only child who would grow up with our new puppy.  God had other plans; however, and blessed us through a provincial adoption with a daughter the same age as the little girl we lost four years ago.

If you’re up for our adventure, we would love to have you join us as we endeavor to raise our children with God’s help!



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