I reflect…

It’s an overcast Wednesday morning, and I’m enjoying some quiet time to myself before my kids finish their last week of school.  Summer begins early for us this year as I am still on leave, and their school year ends before the public school does, where I would typically be working until the end of June.

It has been an emotionally exhausting year, and while being on leave has added an additional financial strain, God has seen us through and continues to provide when we most need it. I haven’t published much, but a series of unpublished posts continue to stay saved on my site or within my brain until I am able to figure out how to move forward with my writing.

I didn’t get everything done around the house that I wanted to while on leave, but I did get to look after my family and myself, and that is worth more than any organization of rooms can do. I still intend to finish my “to-do” list before I’m back to work in late August, but for now, in this moment, I reflect.

I reflect on how things are starting to settle.  We have found a “new” normal. Our lives feel a bit crazy at times, but we have seen growth in both of our children.

I reflect on how our daughter is getting better at managing her emotions and articulating how she feels.  The expression, “One step forward, two steps back,” comes to mind often, but we celebrate our gains. Things cannot be finalized for her until a full year is up, which will be in October of this year.

I reflect on how my marriage has been strengthened.  We haven’t gone on any big vacations as originally planned or had much time to ourselves as a couple, but we have provided a stable and safe home for our children in which special memories are made. With little we have much.

I reflect on how there is really no adequate way to express my thanks for the gifts that were given and the understanding that was offered as we’ve navigated through this part of our journey. For those of you who continue to encourage and pray for us, I humbly say thank-you.

I reflect on how we are still in need of your prayers as we have some big decisions to make in the days ahead. We are continuing to rely on God’s timing and provision and need wisdom for what is to come.

I reflect…on what has occurred in my life…on how I navigate through this part of the “adventure”…on what is to come…

I reflect…


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