Everyday I thank God for Wendy.  I thank Him for her decision to willingly place James in our care.  I thank Him for giving her the strength to be a part of James’ life and to open up her heart to our family.  I thank God for the strength He has given Ben and I to be her friend and family in return. I thank God for little Charlie Sarah. I thank God for how Charlie has changed Wendy’s life and my life.

This is not to say that I am never sad about not having a daughter in my life at this time, but it is to say that I am choosing to see that God has always had my best interest at heart and Wendy’s best interest at heart. She needs Charlie.  We need James.  We all need each other.  Our connection was to be in an even more unique way than I had ever dreamed or imagined.

From the outside looking in, it really must seem strange to many of you. It is not the road I would have willingly chosen, and I’m sure it’s not one Wendy would have willingly chosen either, but it is the road God has chosen for us, for that, and I am thankful.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful.

  1. This is the most beautiful story! There are no two children in the world that have as much love given to them by their “mothers”. James and Charlie will have a very unique story to tell as they grow. I know, without a doubt, that God has great things planned for these two. I hope I can be there the first time they share about their Mom’s and how much they learned about life from them both. Sarah and Wendy, you are both my hero’s and may God bless you for allowing us to share in the adventure. God broke the mould when He made the two of you!! ❤

  2. joan

    sarah, ben and wendy, you are all very strong and loving people, i can see it in your eyes, god will keep you all together and james and charlie are very lucky little ones to have you guys in their lives, i believe the old saying that god will only give what he knows you will handle.

  3. Gloria

    We are so proud that you have said Yes to God.

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