Continue to think of us…the time is quickly approaching!

I was chatting with my friend birth mom the other day and she mentioned that birth dad said he messaged us via facebook.  We thought that was odd, since we hadn’t received anything.  We tried to do a search through Ben’s fb and his name didn’t come up, so we opted to go to birth dad’s fb page and send him a message in case he had messaged the wrong Ben.  Then, there it was.  A note dated May 28.  Somehow Ben had missed it. Birth dad initiated contact with us.  In his letter he apologized for any trouble he may have caused, said he was working with a social worker, thought we’d make great parents, and that he was trying to work on things with birth mom.  We responded and since then he’s been keeping in contact with Ben.  I’m assuming we will be meeting him sometime in the near future.

You can imagine how high emotions must be between the birth mom and birth dad considering the circumstances.

3 months.  3 months and Lord willing, our daughter will be here. We so appreciate your prayers and continued support. When James was born it was such an emotional beautiful day.  I just want the same for our little girl.  Prayer can do that.  Please continue to keep all of us – the Canney family, birth mom, birth dad, and their families in mind.  There are still some “unknown’s” as to how things will go.

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2 thoughts on “Continue to think of us…the time is quickly approaching!

  1. Karen

    It sounds so exciting! Hopefully you will soon meet the birth dad!! Can’t wait to see your little girlie!!

  2. Love you guys! Praying for you! Many blessings as God continues to develop your family. 🙂

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