An Update

I’ve been writing a lot about the baby lately, so I feel it’s time to give an update on my little man James. Before I do, I have a praise.  It turns out what was thought to be a uterine infection is something less serious and very common among pregnant women.  I won’t go into details, but I will say that your prayers have been very much appreciated and as far as I’m concerned answered!  Still no cooperation as far as I know with the birth dad, so that’s something you can continue to pray about as well as for good health for birth mom with these hot summer days approaching!

James is at such a fun age!!  I continue to be amazed at his growth and development as any parent would be when it comes to their kids!  So here are 12 things about him:

1. He loves to do somersaults.

2. He can speak in complete sentences. Some of his sentences as of late have included, “I wanna go to work with Daddy,”  “I have work to do,” “May I please be excused, and “See my new hair cut.”  More than one parent of a 2 year old (some of whom have been complete strangers) tell me that he seems advanced in his speech for his age.  Because of his height and speech, I’ve discovered he seems a bit older to some people. That being said…

3.  He seems tall for his age. His biological father is taller than Ben and I, and I would have to say that I’ll be very surprised if James isn’t as tall as him.

4. He told me earlier this week, “I not feeling well.”  The use of “well” instead of “good” was an indicator to me of how much he listens to us speaking. He does repeat some things we say from time to time.  

5. He’s nearly potty trained. Night training is a ways off, but with regards to the day time, I no longer have to take him at regular intervals because he now tells me when he has to go and can do a good job holding it until we get there.  He wears training pants most of the time now.

6. He is learning letters, can nearly count to 20, loves to make up songs, and has a vivid imagination. Everything from a dish towel to a stuffed animal can come to life for him. (Hmmm…I wonder where he gets that from? If anyone new me as a kid you needn’t wonder…or if any of you have seen me play with him for that matter…I still have a vivid imagination…a strong Graham/Brown trait if you know both sides of the family!)

7. He loves books and playing outdoors.He loves to work in the garden with me (even when I’m not working in the garden), hammer things, pretend to fix cars (like Papa Graham), and playing “I Spy” (thanks Nana Crockett).  He especially loves “I Spy” when we’re driving because it keeps him entertained. For example, “I spy with my little eye something that is red” and then he’ll point to something that is red or say what he sees that is red such as, “a stop sign.” That being said…

9. He knows a lot of colours.

10. He has come to see prayer as an important thing before eating meals and before bed time. A couple of times in the busy shuffle of the day I’ve nearly forgotten (it is part of the routine after all), and he’ll say, “Pray Mama” and fold his hands. I love it!  He also still loves to cuddle. I call him my little cuddle bug.

11. He’s learning the difference between good and bad choices and is doing well making good choices. Although he has a strong will (as any 2 year old does), he has a sensitive spirit and knows when to say, “Sorry.”

12. He is a home body and a child who does well when he knows what the day holds (because he LOVES to be home and loves routine.)  From the time he was a baby he’d kick and giggle when we’d arrive home after being away, so I’m not surprised that now when we go away for the weekend he’ll say, “Home Mama. I wanna go home.” He travels well and does well in other environments, but he is always happy to return home.

And now for your viewing pleasure a couple of photos.  The first is of James’ first kayak ride.  We went as a family on the Kennebecasis River.  The second photo is of James with his buddy Gavin the Groundhog. Why a groundhog? James was born on Groundhog Day. I couldn’t wait to give him this because he has such a great imagination. 



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