Have you forgotten about me?

I know…I know…Since becoming a mother I’ve become a terrible blogger.  I realize now what I must have done with all of my time prior to becoming a mother – Blogged!  Oh how I miss writing on my blog.  I know it will come back to me, and I’m hoping to be more diligent with it in the coming months.  There is some good news brewing; some that many of you have already heard which we’re not quite ready to post online yet. However, it is extremely exciting and you will find out more on this blog in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, check out my boy James at the age of 2.  He is such a handsome little man!  Currently he’s learning how to count to 10, learning colors, and he can name machines – everything from a pay loader to a dump truck.  His current favorite expression is, “Oh yeah” which he says in a most matter of fact way.  Oh, and if mini wheats would like a spokesperson for their cereal, my boy James is the man.  He’s totally into “Mini Wheats” cereal right now – particularly the blueberry flavor which he calls “ice cream Mini-Wheats.” Ice cream is a treat he gets on occasion and is one of his favorite foods.  We pretend we’re going to see the ice cream man on a regular basis.  James has an incredible imagination.   As you can see from his photos, he can be a serious little man!  Thanks to Lynette Mason (www.masonphotography.ca) for taking such great photos (including our family photo header!).

“Serious J” at his finest 🙂

And finally, a picture of me and my incredible husband of 8.5 years and a picture of the entire family.  Life doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

I feel as though James is saying, “Seriously Mom, more pictures?”  What a kid!

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