For the love of fruit…

"I love grapes!"

My son James absolutely loves fruit.  From the time he started eating solids, as we were introducing him to new fruit we discovered that there was a small joy for him in holding a banana, licking an apple, or holding on to a honey-dew melon peel. In fact, during his birthday weekend he was more excited about grapes than he was about his cake and ice cream. We’ve recently discovered that leaving fruit on the cupboard is risky because it results in him pointing to it repeatedly and saying “ooooo” in hopes that we’ll hand it over.  Currently we have bananas hidden on the cupboard!

Our most recent trip to the grocery store involved us buying a pear for him to gnaw on while we shopped. It kept him happy and occupied.  Seriously, who needs toys when you have fruit?  And so now, for your viewing pleasure, the one, the only, James Benjamin showing you that eating healthy is indeed a joy!

February 25, 2011 - My little man loves to shop and eat fruit at the same time!

Enjoying his pear while grocery shopping!

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2 thoughts on “For the love of fruit…

  1. Karen

    A very health conscious toddler. It’s so great when they like to eat. There were very few picky eaters in the Staples family.

  2. He is so adorable in that first picture- it’s great that he loves fruit! And what a great way to keep him occupied while you shop!

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