Two Phone Calls

I’ll never forget the day.  July 20, 2009. I was sitting in my office at Bethany Bible College where I worked as a secretary at the time going through the usual morning routine of checking messages, online information, etc. when the phone rang. It was 8:30 AM.

Carolyn McMillen was on the phone, and I found out later she was responding to the Lord’s prompting to phone me that particular morning. She could have phoned me Beulah week when she had received a word from the Lord concerning us, but she was so sensitive to His timing that it had to be this morning. She told me that she had been heavily praying and fasting on our behalf since I had testified in church some time ago about our situation with waiting to have children, and that recently when she had come before the Lord, He had given her such an incredible joy, she couldn’t even pray. She could only rejoice. She told me, “Sarah, I really believe that in the next year the Lord is going to bless you with a child.”

What does one say to that?  After all of the medical appointments, the adoption seminars, and the devastating news of our agency going bankrupt a week before on July 13, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the news.  My heart was very guarded, so guarded, I had no intentions of telling Ben right away.  I wanted to ponder things within my heart and ask God why I would receive such a phone call.  That was 8:30 AM.

10:30 AM I received a second phone call.  This time is was Almira Robinson.

“Sarah are you sitting down?”

I knew then that God was really up to something. With the first phone call I was skeptical.  With the second phone call He really had my attention.  Yet even then I wasn’t expecting the news I was about to receive.  I just thought Almira was going to reconfirm my earlier phone call, but she went on to tell me that there was a woman in her office whose daughter was pregnant and looking for a good Christian home for the baby.  Would I be interested in meeting a young pregnant lady by the name of Wendy?

One year ago today, I was a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and wonder as I reflected on how God could change things within a matter of a week after years of praying.

One year ago today, I e-mailed some close friends to pray about our upcoming meeting with Wendy.

One year ago today, Almira said she knew we were meant to be parents because of that 8:30 AM phone call and the way things occurred.  She had the faith to believe it would happen, while I continued to have doubts and fears for some time throughout the next few months.

One year ago today, I received 2 phone calls that would change the course of our lives forever.

I am so thankful for those two phone calls.

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