Hello again!

It’s hard to believe that James is 4.5 months old already!  I must be the worst blogger in the world right now, but I am certainly keeping busy as a mother!  James is now over 16 pounds and continues to be a bright blue eyed boy!  Today he rolled over from his belly to his back for the first time without assistance, and he was quite proud of himself.  He continues to coo and “tell stories,” laughs out loud, squeals with delight, and loves to kick and move his arms.  I am also happy to report that he is sleeping through the night, and he hasn’t even started to eat solids yet.  What a boy! Come morning I can always count on a big smile from my little man and lots of excitement when it’s bath time.

Things to praise God for:

* James’ good health.

* We received our lawyer bill from Wendy’s lawyer, and it wasn’t as much as we had anticipated.  It came to $802.30.  We are thankful that it wasn’t higher and that we have the funds to pay it at this time.

* Pregnancies – I pray for a number of couples struggling with infertility, and I’m happy to report that a couple of them are now expecting!  I always get teary eyed when someone sends me their good news!   Whether it’s a pregnancy or adoption that comes through for these various couples, remember that there are so many of them out there still waiting to become parents or hoping to have a sibling for the little one they may already be blessed with.

Things to pray for:

* Almira – She is the lovely woman who connected us with Wendy.  She is currently in the hospital battling cancer, and since she is a US citizen she doesn’t have access to medicare.

* Lawyer fees from our lawyer – that they won’t be too high and that we’ll have the money at hand to pay for them

* Paperwork- Ben is speaking at a RiverSide Senior High Youth camp in Maine, and James and I would like to be able to go with him.  In order to do so we need various documents including a birth certificate which may be harder to obtain since James is not yet legally a Canney.  Please pray that things will work out so that I can accompany Ben as I would hate to miss out!  Please also pray for Ben as he has 8 messages to prepare.

* A speedy court date so James can officially become a Canney and we can then dedicate him in church 🙂

We continue to keep in contact with Wendy.  We haven’t visited with her for awhile as she needed some time away.  As you can well imagine, with Mother’s Day and such, there has been a lot Wendy has had to work through.  Continue to pray for her as well.  We want so much for her to have a blessed life.

I’ll try to update more regularly (“whatever Sarah…” you’re thinking).  I really do need to get back on track as there are some other things in the works for prayer, and I love to write.  I feel as though these past 4 months I’ve been enjoying motherhood and sorting through a great deal of things which include priorities in my life. Thanks for sticking with me through it all!  And now, for those of you who don’t have facebook, some pictures!

May 16, 2010 - Enjoying a Sunday with my little man!

May 17, 2010 - Meeting his buddy Grayson Thornton for the 1st time. This gives you an idea of how big our boy James is getting! He was once even smaller than Grayson.

June 2, 2010 - Trying to sit up on his own!

June 8, 2010 - "Perhaps laying on my belly isn't so bad after all!"

June 10, 2010 - James played on the floor during part of his Empire Theatre "Reel Babies" experience. The movie was for mom. James played, ate, and slept!

June 12, 2010 - Enjoying some time at Papa & Nana Crockett's on the deck!

June 13, 2010 - James got to enjoy his 1st camp fire!

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One thought on “Hello again!

  1. Great to read your update! Keep it going! We need to skype sometime so I can talk to sweet baby James:) love you!

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