Your Specific Prayers Please

Last night we received a phone call from our birth mom. She left a message asking us to call her. She went to a doctor’s appointment yesterday and told us on the message that she didn’t get positive feedback on everything.  He said that everything was fine with the baby, and so immediately I knew that something must be happening with her.

During her last ultrasound her placenta was low, and yesterday the doctor didn’t give her much hope of it moving during the pregnancy.  He told her that she most likely won’t be able to have a natural delivery because with a low lying placenta, hemorrhaging will occur.  She was told she will probably have to have a C-section and that potential bleeding could occur between now and when our little guy is born. You can well imagine this news was discouraging to her.  She really had her heart set on natural childbirth, and added complications could only add to the emotional strain she has already been put through with the pregnancy.

She has another ultrasound scheduled for November 9, and I would love it if we went to it and discovered that the placenta had moved.  So I’m asking for some specific prayers for our birth mom.  Please pray that her placenta will move and that any complications the doctor was predicting will not occur.  Please pray that she will have a peace in the midst of her circumstances no matter what the outcome.   Pray that the Lord will bless her!   We really want her to have a safe and healthy delivery, and for her to be able to heal physically in a timely manner so that the Lord can do an emotional healing in her as well.  It seems like just when she is doing well, something else happens to cause some discouragement in her life.  We care about her so much, and ultimately hope that through our posts you have come to care for her too.  She has value and a future, and we want to see God’s purpose fulfilled in her life. Circumstances such as these can be used to increase all of our faith.


Ben & Sarah

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6 thoughts on “Your Specific Prayers Please

  1. Vera

    Hey Ben and Sarah….

    Will certainly pray… hang in there.

    Mom Crockett

  2. Paula


  3. Laura

    Hey guys we are praying!!!!

  4. Heather Hartlen

    I’ll be praying for all of you, and the baby!

  5. Definitely praying! Thanks for sharing and calling upon all of us to pray with you on this. God won’t bring you to it, if He won’t lead you THROUGH it! 🙂

  6. Sarah, I had a low lying placenta at 6 months. And, they said it would not move, mine was also attached to my previous c-section which is very dangerous! However, think positively, because our God is bigger than that! And, when I went for my next ultrasound. Everything had moved. And, I carried Brayden our last baby full term. Our God is good, and he can work miracles so I will be praying for you all.

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