It’s a Boy!

So I got to see baby for the first time today, and if what they told us is correct, we’re going to have a baby boy!! The birth mom has another ultrasound on Ben’s birthday (November 9), so I’ll ask for reconfirmation just to be sure. I think I will begin looking at baby boy stuff for fun. For some reason, most of us thought it was going to be a girl, perhaps because Ben was dreaming about a baby girl, and we figured with a girl we could give the birth mom’s name as the middle name.  I was really surprised when the lab tech showed us it was a boy, but of course, happy just the same. I knew I would be pleased with either a boy or girl. When you’ve waited over 4 years for a baby, you just hope for it to come to pass.

I have to say that I didn’t weep like I thought I would when I was at the ultrasound. I did shed a tear or two, but I think I was just overwhelmed. It was very surreal. I could see the baby’s spine and head, hands and feet, heartbeat, stomach, kidneys…it was all so fascinating. An added bonus:  Ben got to eventually go in too!  It was so fun to watch him look at Baby Canney on the screen and ask questions.

The birth mom is looking fabulous as always.  She’s so trendy and sweet!  We are really blessed with such a special young lady who is so considerate.  I continue to admire her strength and courage.  It meant so much to me that she would be willing to let us be there. Our little guy has a lot to be proud of in his birth mom, and we will do all we can to let him know that.

I wish I could write more, but I’m just so tired from the days events.  The detailed events will be for baby.  I have it all in my mind from the crisp cool air in the morning, to how I felt when I saw baby for the first time, etc. etc.  Now I just need to write the letter to my little guy to let him know.  I’ve been trying to do that each time I talk to his birth mom so that he’ll be able to learn more about her and our relationship.  I just don’t want to forget anything.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!  Keep praying.  5 months to go!!

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. I’m so happy you’re having a boy! Won’t it be so fun to watch him doing “manly” things with his dad?!! I love all the great things about little boys! Dump trucks, mud puddles, little cowboy boots, flowers for mommy, little denim overalls… awwww!!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHH MMMMYYYYYYY GGGOOOODDDDDNNNEESSSS!!!! That is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!! I am so happy for you that the Lord made it possible for you both to be there to see the little guy on-screen! What an amazing moment it is seeing your first baby for the first time!! Little boys are SOOOOOOO wonderful!!!! There is nothing like a little guy’s love for his mama! 🙂

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