Renewed Hope

I am currently working on a more detailed post that shares some exciting things that God has been doing since I last wrote.  I’m serious.  The details are those that I can’t believe have happened in my life, but for whatever reason, they have…and no, I’m not pregnant.  Hint: If you look at some of the other sections of this blog, you should be able to figure it out.  God is definitely working, and although I’m scared about the possibilities, I have a renewed hope. I had a peace the Tuesday after I last wrote and a sense that I needed to “wait,” but I had no idea what was about to happen a week to the day later. You will find out more details in due time.

With regards to Imagine, we’ve had to file a claim for the $1500 we invested. We are unsure if we can get these back, but according to the BDO (the trustee in bankruptcy) website, 

“At July 14th when BDO became the Trustee in Bankruptcy, there were payments held at the Kids Link offices. The Board of Directors in late May had instructed the staff to hold new payments given uncertainty of future service. 

BDO reviewed payments. Any that were for a new adoption file and no work had been completed by Imagine Adoption have been returned to the families. These are being mailed during the week of July 20, 2009. There were 25 families in this situation.”

Our cheque to Imagine was deposited June 6, 2009, and we are hopeful that perhaps this money was held in trust. We are unsure if we are being considered as one of those 25 families, and as of yet, it looks like we weren’t, because we haven’t received any returned funds in the mail.

Our dossier is still going to be completed.  We are currently waiting for our social worker to send us the draft for review.  Until things are worked out with Imagine, our International adoption is currently on hold.

Be sure to check back in soon!  I will try to be more consistent with updates.  I follow some other adoption blogs, and I always enjoy regular updates, so I should do the same for you!


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